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Caitlin Krause discusses the topic of mindfulness and the importance of being fully present by allowing yourself to step back and see things from a different perspective. She urges to appreciate the journey and notice what we’re passing by, realizing that the finish line itself is never the goal. The talk was part of our
We are happy to introduce you to Vladlena Taraskina – an inspiring young entrepreneur who has been living and working around the world before settling in Vienna to start a new company of her own and help other women in their mission to do the same. Vladlena is the founder and CEO of KEY TO
In this podcast, Michaela Jedinak, Co-Founder of Joy of Clothes and Founder of Michaela Jedinak fashion brand, shares the lessons she learned while building her business and the story behind her success. She talks about dealing with fear, making your ideas happen, and the importance of working hard and learning new skills. Michaela Jedinak appreciates