We are happy to introduce you to Vladlena Taraskina – an inspiring young entrepreneur who has been living and working around the world before settling in Vienna to start a new company of her own and help other women in their mission to do the same.

Vladlena is the founder and CEO of KEY TO OFFICE, an online marketplace for finding and sharing meeting and conference spaces. She is passionate about promoting female entrepreneurship and strongly believes in the potential of enabling women to pursue their dreams (and we obviously admire her for that). A few months ago, she created an online course for female entrepreneurs where she offers practical business lessons on how to avoid beginner mistakes and start your own company successfully. Follow this link to enroll and get 82% discount for wefound community.

Read along for our interview and get a glimpse of Vladlena’s story.

What was your motivation to become an entrepreneur?

I come from an entrepreneurial family and I was involved in the family business since I was 14 years old. My farther co-founded a gaming company in Russia and I was responsible for finding partners abroad and for most of the communications with foreign partners. It has been a great experience where I have learned a lot and been involved in the decision-making process. So, after I graduated from university, it was hard for me to imagine myself in the typical corporate job. I wanted responsibility, independence, and ability to make my own decisions, which I fully got as an entrepreneur. During the last 7 years, I have founded several companies including KEY TO OFFICE – my last company which I founded in Vienna two years ago.

How was your first experience with entrepreneurship?

My first experience was when I was very young, working with my farther. The experience was very brutal, where I was simply thrown into the tasks and had to figure out how it could be done under time constraint and with limited resources. I think it was a very demonstrative experience of what my life is now, since everyday I need to solve problems and find “out of the box” solutions. At the end of the day, it is your responsibility as a founder to solve problems and bring your company forward.

Why have you decided to create a video course for female entrepreneurs?

After having found several companies, I thought that by doing an online course I could make women’s life much easier by sharing my experiences and mistakes I made in the beginning. Also, I graduated from a business school not really knowing what to do and how to actually start a business. I find this unacceptable and would like to close this gap between theoretical knowledge and real life.

Besides the essential hard facts discussed in the course, I give insight and tips on how it is to be in business as a woman, and share the strategies I developed to be successful and use it to my advantage.

Short introduction to “An Insider’s Guide for Female Entrepreneurs”

Do you think women and men found differently and what are the specific female strengths?

In comparison to men, there are not many support structures and networks which can help female founders build a business. This is why I believe it is really key to have organisations like wefound.org and support women who want to start their own business.

It is hard to generalise, but I believe that female founders are more risk averse and are sometimes not as good at presenting themselves and selling their business. This is a skill which needs to be learned and improved. On the positive side, female founders are usually better in accessing risks and managing them. This is key to building a sustainable and profitable business in the long term.

Do you have three secret tips for women who are just starting up their companies?

I have collected all the secret tips in my course! 🙂 So join it and I hope it will help you to avoid mistakes and build even more successful and prosperous business.

To find out more about Vladlena, you can visit her website and check out the training which is now available on Udemy (82% off for our readers and wefound community).


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