Many people find it difficult to set goals and accomplish them. Goals too often remain unachieved and so life loses its richness because of our lack of commitment. Violetta Pleshakova, trainer and coach at Creative Consciousness, will help you:

→ Set goals that are 100% right for you.
→ Discover two key factors that impact the success of your goal setting.
→ Overcome fear blockages.


About the speaker

Violetta Pleshakova, Transformational Coach, trainer and speaker

Violetta helps extraordinary nonconformists to discover their Truth, align with their Soul, and live their purpose – so they can enjoy stellar lives while soulfully contributing to this world.
She have worked with dozens of clients from over 30 countries and collected around 2500 hours of experience leading personal development trainings in Germany, South Africa, Russia, the Netherlands, and other amazing places. She holds a PhD in Cultural studies and project management, and am a true learning junkie.
From her own experience she knows all about the struggles of creating a life that is meaningful and feels authentic and aligned. She tested and tried almost every method and system in the self-help world, and learned a lot about the inner workings of personal transformation.


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