As female entrepreneurs, doing things with passion and commitment requires a lot of energy. While it is easy to invest energy into things we love doing, it is important that we understand how critical it is to stay balanced and keep ourselves from burning out. Mary Lou von Wyl will help you to:

→ Understand what stress really is.
→ Become aware of the warning signs of when things are “too much” or “not enough.”
→ Learn simple techniques to move quickly from stress mode to relaxation mode.

After having suffered and recovered from her own case of chronic exhaustion or “burnout,” Mary Lou von Wyl has become an expert in the field of burnout prevention and rehabilitation. She has identified 11 distinct phases in the course of burnout and developed coaching interventions for each of the phases. Mary Lou’s clients benefit from her profound knowledge and experience. She has been successful in helping people from all walks of life stay healthy or find their way back from burnout.




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