Tine was born in Denmark and lived in New Zealand for 9 years, where she developed one of her projects, by taking education into her own hands. That is how she created a training program designed for herself.

She believes that entrepreneurship is like a craft and one needs to learn it by simply doing it. Tine took the time to play and managed to make her ideas come true. Along the way she learned a few lessons that she shares with the audience in her speech. Play the record to hear what advice is given by Everplaces’ founder.


Tine Thygesen Background

Tine started her first company in a garage in Australia. Without any programming skills, she designed the website herself. The website looked terrible, yet, the business went terrific! From day one, her strategy was to infuse the impression that the company was huge. A year later, she sold it.
Today she lives in Denmark. Not only is she known for her outstanding performance as a CEO for 23 and Venture Cup, she is also the brain behind Everplaces, Founders House, Nordic Cleantech Open, Global Event Supplies! She loves kicking ass and is therefore, in addition, a fierce karate teacher!





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