In this podcast, Michaela Jedinak, Co-Founder of Joy of Clothes and Founder of Michaela Jedinak fashion brand, shares the lessons she learned while building her business and the story behind her success. She talks about dealing with fear, making your ideas happen, and the importance of working hard and learning new skills.

Michaela Jedinak appreciates the diversity in body shapes and designs dresses for you and your body shape! The virtual fitting room predicts how the dress would look on your body. It only requires the measurements of your height, bust, waist, hips and arm length. The dresses are already photographed on a mannequin with your precise measurements. This technology allows you to make more confident shopping decisions!


About the speaker

Michaela Jedinak, Co- founder of Joy of Clothes – leading media fashion site and Michaela Jedinak – fashion brand 

Michaela works as a designer and stylist in London. In 2009, she founded her own fashion company. Although Michaela gained a degree in law, she always had a passion for design and fashion. Her recent company skyrocketed! A number of prominent women and female leaders wear Michaela Jedinak’s brand. Now, her new fashion brand with the virtual fitting room is now concurring the world!


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