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Rising Female Founder Stars

17. July 2015 @ 17:00 - 20:00

It is time to shine a light on early stage female founder stars who no one talks about.

WEFOUND.org, a global caring female entrepreneurs community and a social startup with headquarters in Berlin, makes it possible.

A new generation of bold female entrepreneurs is already here. Who are they? What are they driven by? How do they think?

10 of them will share their personal journeys in a 10-minute inspirational talk each. You will learn the real stories behind their choice to become entrepreneurs. And you don’t read about this in the newspapers.

Get to know them and get inspired.



About the speakers

Katarzyna and Magdalena Biesialska are the founders of FestBlast, a social platform which helps people find the best festivals around the world and plan their trips. Katarzyna drives the company’s vision and day-to-day operations, while Magdalena is in charge of the tech side and is running an electronic music project on the side.


Jennifer Browarczyk is the founder of Foreverly, a platform which offers providers of everything wedding related. Jennifer has a background in marketing with focus on the  fashion industry, and is always the first to make sure things are perfectly organized.


Yaknel Elorza founded Plumage, an online magazine which is dedicated to the art of  tattoo and shares stories of artists and collectors. This autumn, The Plumage Book will be published and will serve as a tattoo guide for first-timers.


Polina Marchenko is the CEO and co-founder of KptnCook, a free app that inspires people to cook at home by offering three new delicious 30-minute recipes every day. Polina is passionate about good food, travelling, and tech.


Jennifer Meister is a co-founder of Coachimo, a coaching platform for knowledge exchange. She has a background in marketing and print media management.


Astrid Mochtarram is the founder of twindly, a social platform for beauty recommendations, and a product of her love of beauty and machine learning. Astrid has experience in informatics and digital media.


Sophie Vo aims to disrupt the fashion market with Fashionery, a Berlin-based app that helps users discover unique fashion products nearby. Sophie is passionate about new technology, services, and of course, fashion.


Juliane Zielonka is a dynamic digital-health entrepreneur with a passion for human health. She is the CEO and co-founder of LARAcompanion, a medical platform that helps women and couples trying to conceive get pregnant in a stress-free way.


Nina Wieczorek is a co-founder of Nativetap.io, a personal device lab with seamless access to all mobile devices, allowing testing and debugging on countless configurations.


Sonja Kury is a founder of Condaro.com, an auction marketplace for residential real estate in metropolitan areas in Germany. She is an advocate of transparency and digitalization of the real estate market and industry. She believes buying real estate should be easier, more transparent and digitally better structured.


About Val Racheeva, founder of wefound.org

Val is an entrepreneurship developer with an international track record.  She believes possible is everything and you can only change the world by changing yourself from within. Our greatest challenge is ourselves. She knows that everyone can turn passion into profit. Her passion is to inspire and unlock people’s potential for achieving bigger goals. After quitting her job in the corporate world, she got involved in the start-up scene and she was stunned by the low number of women there. At the same time she met talented women who had amazing ideas and enormous potential. She wanted to encourage and share her knowledge with them. She founded wefound.org, a social start-up, which inspires women for entrepreneurship and provides resources to help them develop their ideas into a sustainable business.


17. July 2015
17:00 - 20:00