Caitlin Krause discusses the topic of mindfulness and the importance of being fully present by allowing yourself to step back and see things from a different perspective. She urges to appreciate the journey and notice what we’re passing by, realizing that the finish line itself is never the goal.

The talk was part of our event “Enhance Your Success: Money, Mindset and Entrepreneurship” on the 28th of October, 2015 in Zurich.


About the speaker

Caitlin Krause, Mindfulness Coach, International Speaker, Writer, Editor and Training Expert

Caitlin shows how to make mindfulness exercise a habit, increasing presence, resilience, purpose and focus in our high-charged entrepreneurial lifestyles. She has led workshops on mindfulness, leadership, technology, communication and learning in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, Switzerland and the United States. She is a featured presenter at innovation events. Caitlin has a B.A. from Duke University, a Master’s degree in Writing from Lesley University, and training qualifications in Mindfulness Education. Her passion for writing, technology and interdisciplinary art, while working with mentors from Duke’s Center for Documentary Studies and Harvard Medical School, initially led her to explore the connections between body and mind. Her organization, MindWise, focuses on mindfulness in the modern age.


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