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How I built my fashion brand with a virtual fitting room

How I built my fashion brand with a virtual fitting room | WEFOUND COMMUNITY | For Female Founders, Entrepreneurs and Fans

In this podcast, Michaela Jedinak, Co-Founder of Joy of Clothes and Founder of Michaela Jedinak fashion brand, shares the lessons she learned while building her business and the story behind her success. She talks about dealing with fear, making your ideas happen, and the importance of working hard and learning new skills. Michaela Jedinak appreciates

How to combine your personal life with entrepreneurship. Claudia Ferretti, Life Purpose Coach

We know how difficult it is to combine your personal life, love relationships, and being an entrepreneur. Lots of us strive for both love and success, though juggling with both can sometimes become overwhelming. Many women are now struggling with work-life balance and doing extra work at the cost of romantic nights out. In this

Fears of a Female Entrepreneur. Marie Ry Bendixen, Founder and CEO at The Bookwrap

Marie Ry Bendixen is an expat female entrepreneur. Three years ago she founded The Bookwrap, a flexible book sleeve with innovative design and trendy colours, which protects your book from bananas, water, dog ears and other book dangers. Who would have known that such a simple idea could be turned into a successful business. SWISS

How I founded ABURY – pioneering fashion which combines traditional and avant garde design. Andrea Kolb, Founder and CEO at ABURY

In this talk, Andrea Kolb tells her story of Abury’s creation and growth. In the beginning of her speech, Andrea reveals how she got to shake hands with Nelson Mandela and how she learned to adjust her dreams along the way. In a very honest manner, she presents the challenges faced while creating the Abury

How to start your own business that allows you to work from everywhere in 7 simple steps!

For more than 10 years I was working in a well-paid and secure 9-5 job. I had great colleagues, financial freedom and I was travelling the world as International Sales Manager. Corporate world loved me and I was quite successful in my busy corporate jobs. I travelled to countries like Indonesia, Uruguay, Finland, Puerto Rico,

Andrea Kolb, founder and CEO of ABURY: old-world tradition crafts for the modern consumer

We are thrilled to shine the spotlight on Andrea Kolb, founder and CEO of ABURY, an online fair-trade retailer that sells old-world tradition crafts for the modern consumer. Originally from Stuttgart, Germany, Kolb recollects that becoming an entrepreneur wasn’t in her initial career plans, but after two years of working experience realized the opportunities that