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How I built my fashion brand with a virtual fitting room

How I built my fashion brand with a virtual fitting room | WEFOUND COMMUNITY | For Female Founders, Entrepreneurs and Fans

In this podcast, Michaela Jedinak, Co-Founder of Joy of Clothes and Founder of Michaela Jedinak fashion brand, shares the lessons she learned while building her business and the story behind her success. She talks about dealing with fear, making your ideas happen, and the importance of working hard and learning new skills. Michaela Jedinak appreciates

How to win any negotiation. Shannon Dolan, Behavioral Science Specialist

You want to leverage your business. You want to increase your revenue. However, you don’t know how to win people over to your side. You are now facing situations with employees, investors and sponsors, where negotiation skills would be very useful. Unfortunately, you’ve come to realize that the classic rules of negotiation just don’t apply!