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Connecting mindful living and money mindset for entrepreneurs

Connecting mindful living and money mindset for entrepreneurs by Caitlin Krause | WEFOUND COMMUNITY | For Female Founders, Entrepreneurs and Fans

Caitlin Krause discusses the topic of mindfulness and the importance of being fully present by allowing yourself to step back and see things from a different perspective. She urges to appreciate the journey and notice what we’re passing by, realizing that the finish line itself is never the goal. The talk was part of our

Fears of a Female Entrepreneur. Marie Ry Bendixen, Founder and CEO at The Bookwrap

Marie Ry Bendixen is an expat female entrepreneur. Three years ago she founded The Bookwrap, a flexible book sleeve with innovative design and trendy colours, which protects your book from bananas, water, dog ears and other book dangers. Who would have known that such a simple idea could be turned into a successful business. SWISS

Dr. Barbara Lang. Female Shift: The Megatrend of the Future is already here.

We are moving at accelerated speed into the information economy. Populations in economic powerhouses like Japan and Germany are aging. Their workforce is shrinking like never before in history. Globally, the available talent pool is changing. These demographic shifts of enormous power have been under way for decades and are already surfacing in the lives

Q&A with Samih Sawiris, Chairman and CEO of Orascom Development Holding

In this Q & A session, Samih Sawiris, Chairman and CEO of Orascom Development Holding, the Egyptian-Montrnegrin billionaire, shares his career choices, motivations and lessons learned. He explains how he started a boat factory in Egypt, which was followed by another business idea: A winery. Samih shared his love for boats; one of the reasons

How to start your own business that allows you to work from everywhere in 7 simple steps!

For more than 10 years I was working in a well-paid and secure 9-5 job. I had great colleagues, financial freedom and I was travelling the world as International Sales Manager. Corporate world loved me and I was quite successful in my busy corporate jobs. I travelled to countries like Indonesia, Uruguay, Finland, Puerto Rico,