Invest in a Woman and You Change the World, because the impact will spread through generations.

#girlgobusiness, we are crowdfunding to develop

World’s 1st Online Entrepreneurs & Funding Platform For Women

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Helping women to live wealthy & purposeful lives

Growing evidence shows that corporations led by women are more focused on sustainability. Investing in women creates a multiplying effect beyond the individual woman, extending benefits to her family and community. In other words, women hold the key to spreading wealth in this world.

Did you know that companies with women executives are 10% more successful than the average?

Though, a meagre 12% of all businesses in the whole world are run by women.

We’ve seen so many smart and creative women with outstanding business ideas. Yet, doubts kill more dreams than failures.

We must go deeper than teaching women business and tech skills. How can women learn how to ask for help? How can women start trusting their abilities? How can women challenge their personal barriers?

How can we help more women to go for their true ambitions?

Making Entrepreneurship Universal

WEFOUND is the world’s first global female startup community that combines personal development, business and tech. We see personal development as the foundation of entrepreneurship.

WEFOUND was launched on Feb. 12th, 2014 and 2,000 people have joined our network within 6 months. Our headquarter is in Berlin. New WEFOUND local communities around Europe are coming soon!

WEFOUND organizes regular workshops, events, panel discussions and webinars to inspire and educate them in personal development, business & tech.

What have we done so far?

Since 9 months of existence of WEFOUND

  • 24 events in 11 cities Europe (See past events here)
  • 6 webinars
  • over 1,500 women attended our events & webinars
  • #iamthepower – global campaign for boosting women’s confidence


We have inspired thousands of women around Europe.

With this platform will want to make what we have already done on a bigger scale. This means we will be able to offer more quality content, offer more courses, make it for more women possible to follow their dreams.

Our vision

To enable any woman in any corner of the world, to develop her own business, regardless of her background, education or money.

Our mission

To establish the world’s 1st entrepreneurs and funding platform for women.

Help us make it happen. We believe, we can change lives of millions of women. Together we are stronger!

Choose your perk

10 EUR
  • eBook: Secrets to Powerful Networking

  • Your name on WEFOUND’s Thank You Page
Contribute & Tell your story
25 EUR
  • 25 EUR off the year membership (worth 120 EUR for individuals & entrepreneurs). Read about membership here.
  • 1 free ticket for any of WEFOUND’s event (worth 30 EUR)
  • eBook: Secrets to Powerful Networking
  • Your name on WEFOUND’s Thank You Page
Contribute & Tell your story
Super Power
50 EUR
  • 1 year free membership (worth 120 EUR for individuals & entrepreneurs) Read about membership here.
  • 2 free tickets for any of WEFOUND’s events (one ticket is worth 30 EUR)
  • eBook: Secrets to Powerful Networking
  • Your name on WEFOUND’s Thank You Page
Contribute & Tell your story
Generous fellow (No Perk)
from 10 EUR any amount possible
  • This option is tax deductible in Germany
Contribute & Tell your story
About membership

This campaign on social media

Have you ever thought about being your own boss? You are not alone!

The world’s first online platform will have all tools and knowledge you need to run a sustainable business. It consists of 4 elements:

Contribute & Tell Your Story in 3 steps

This crowdfunding campaign is running from an independent platform in order to make it possible for the contributors to share their own stories.
Inspire your friends by sharing it.
Selected members will be interviewed and featured in our blog.

Tell a short story in 500 characters. It will be displayed on the main page along with the picture! It can be anything you like. For example, something funny, inspiring, touching or it could be favourite quote of your grandmother. This is optional. Though we highly encourage you to write your short story.



Get free or discount membership, as well as free tickets to female entrepreneurs events on personal development, business and tech.



Choose 2 payment options: PayPal or direct bank transaction.




Beyond contribution, we need your help to spread the word.
If we don’t reach the amount that we are pledging on the first phase, we will give back all the money.
You are the part of the community
Share it on social media, using #girlgobusiness
Thank you for your support! Our success is your success!

Where contributions will go to & the budget

We want to provide you with a high quality platform, so we are gathering the world’s leading experts in business and an effective community of entrepreneurs, mentors and investors.

The costs are estimated to be 461,755 EUR in total for one year. We have a transparency policy, you can see the annual budget here.  If we don’t reach the amount that we are pledging for the first phase, we will give back all the money.

Your contributions will go for:

  • IT development
  • Personnel
  • Experts
  • Others: material, equipment and an office.

The campaign is divided in 3 phases.

First Phase: 50,000 EUR (12 weeks).
With this we can build very basic functions (social network park) of the platform and a part-time job position for a programmers’ coordinator is covered.

Second Phase: 150,000 EUR
All IT development costs are covered. We can aquire few mentors & investors and produce some content.

Third phase: 461,755 EUR.
Full Budget covered for a year.

By supporting each other we can reach the unimaginable!


WEFOUND & its team

Not only do we have a global network – our team comes from all corners from the world! Val is from Russia, Franziska from Sweden, Lucie from France, Claudia from Mexico, Valeska from Germany and Priskilla from Indonesia. Alltogether, we speak Russian, Swedish, French, Indonesian, Spanish, German and English.

Help make it happen

for The World’s 1st Female Entrepreneurs & Funding Platform and its WEFOUND team.

We love you!We love you!We love you!We love you!We love you!We love you!We love you!